Download DigiDNA DiskAid 6.7.3 - Software to transfer files between iPhone, iPad and IOS devices and computers

DigiDNA DiskAid
DiskAid software tool for exchanging information on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to PC and Mac which can be used as an external memory devices. This software lets you copy files and folders to be. You can use DiskAid to access the file system of your device, you can transfer SMS to computer, edit, copy, or file names and folders iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch directly from the desktop to change. Using a USB connection, safe and effective way to access files and folders are listed devices.

Software features DigiDNA DiskAid:
- Ability to transfer files via Wi-Fi and USB.
- Access to iCloud and Stream images.
- Copy and transfer music and videos from the device on iTunes: DiskAid has a Wizard innovative software to transfer music and videos from iPod, iPhone and iPad is a computer.
- Save all SMS, contacts, notes, audio and other information on your iPhone desktop.
- One-click to copy all SMS and iMessage on the security of the computer.
- Copy Camera Roll on your PC and transfer your photo albums by PicsAid free.
- DiskAid the iPhone and iPad devices, all photos, Camera Roll, you can access and copy all the photos and videos or iTunes on an iOS 5 device to sync.
- Access iOS File System and Browse content in iPhone iPad, iPod touch.
- Transferring files via USB.
- Copy files and folders between iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and PC.
- Automatic detection of software and folders.
- Browse files and folders.
- Drag & Drop files and folders.
- Double-click on the file to view.
- Display memory device.
- Powerful file management, including transportation, building directories, rename and ...
- Supports iPhone V1, 3G, 3G S, 4.
- Supports iPod Touch V1, V2, V3.
- Support for iPad.
- Ability to install operating systems on Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3
size File Size: 13.94 MB
password File encryption:
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