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Recuva File Recovery
Did you accidentally delete important files you want to recover your files with software? When you have a flaw or defect, or computer files, and you have lost important information? Maybe you have tried a lot of recovery software and a lot of searching to find a program that can satisfy your demands and have not been able to have done, but none of them have not been able to provide desired . Today, powerful software for many of the companies in relation to the data have been released, but due to its high prices and there are many restrictions on Tryalshan copies of which are the one who suggested to use Retrieving information from their lost files back but now also powerful groups to provide easy downloading software is very useful to you, dear friends, dealt with without any problems, you can easily to recover data from lost pay. Software Recuva File Recovery is software that is offered by company Piriform Despite being compact, powerful and is able to quickly remove your information and files from all types of hard disks, digital cameras, memory stick knives, MP3 players and thousands of other memory and restore it quickly and accurately give you. Interestingly, while also providing a little time over it, but the software is not going to cause a lot of features such as speed and accuracy in the restoration of the main advantages it being cost-free is one of the most popular data recovery software world and also has many fans, and now we also recommend you try this powerful software and enjoy the recovery of this software you can experience. 

A key feature of the software Recuva File Recovery:
- Ability to protect deleted files permanently delete them
- Find most files within a minute and also 99% of the files by deep scan
- Supports 37 types of languages ​​in the world
- Ability to recover deleted files from PCs, digital cameras, flash memory and even Mp3 Player and iPod
- Ability to recover files from formatted drive
- Ability to recover deleted emails from Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, and ...
- Ability to recover deleted songs from MP3 music players with any additional information
- Ability to recover unsaved Word file and intelligently rebuild Word documents from Temporary Files
- The ability to quickly retrieve files in a short time without the necessary details negligible
- Compatible with different versions of Windows, including popular Windows 7
- And ...
size File Size: 3.9 MB
password File encryption:
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