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Helium Music Manager
Helium Music Manager software to manage, and play an assortment of music and song. WithHelium Music Manager, you can manage all your well set to music. Do not have to browse your music files on your computer, follow the prompts and time wasting. With Helium Music Manager you can easily control all your music files. Add features like Rip, locate, play, edit tags and burn music samples are the features of this software. Download and view the text of the poem, Show articles about albums, artists biography display and many other features by using Helium Music Manager will have. To download the latest version of the software from the websiteDownload 0098 read more to see.

Facilities Software Helium Music Manager:
- Support the implementation of audio formats mp3, mp4, flac, ogg, wma and audio CDs.
- Support for Microsoft SQL and MySQL servers for users who have a huge music collection software for better performance.
- Add or correct a mistake or missing information using available tools to put labels on files.
- Delete, add or copy tag contents between files and fields using batch operations.
- Download Photo Albums, quality checking and repair of faulty MP3.
- Automatically rename files and create folder structures, convert files.
- Different ways to browse your music, photo albums, and artists with listing details.
- Content filtering, searching, or build PlayList.
- Show music being played by your friends through Windows Live Messenger.
- View a beautiful video effects.
- Sync with iPod, Creative Zen, mobile phone, Netbook and other portable music player.
- Burn Audio or CD information stored on the hard drive and report Playlist for printing.
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