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CyberLink Director Suite
CyberLink Director Suite is a set of software implement creative ideas on multimedia files (movies, photos, home videos) is. This set includes four application software PowerDirector, ColorDirector, AudioDirector, PhotoDirector, which won the award in the field of photo editing software, video, audio, etc are. Applications are available in the series to work seamlessly with each other and for their users to produce their products provide a convenient location.
The software suite is a powerful tool for photo and video editing, color grading and sound volume is mounted. Edit videos with the most powerful tools and build quality color images depict cinematic masterpiece including a potential feature of this series is. This set of operating systems on Microsoft Windows 8/8.1, 7, Vista is installed and running.

Software PowerDirector: a new version of editing software with support for importing by 4 cameras, Sync and easier to adjust video is designed. Also another feature added to the software to produce three-dimensional animated videos, images and video files are.
Software PhotoDirector: This software is really a professional and practical tool for professional photographers combining all functions into a single workflow is. Holistic management of pictures, full of creative image editing adjustments and other features of this software are included.
Software ColorDirector: This useful software can adjust the color of the creation and production of video files can be used.
Soft Afazr AudioDirector: perfect tool for users to edit and correct problems in a music video is.The software supports a wide range of video formats provides a suitable environment for their users.
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