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The program for creating Help files in output formats CHM HTML, Web Help, Printed books, documents, PDF, and Microsoft Word documents from a single source is. HelpSmith a word processing program like Word that has features practices are dynamic, diverse formats, correction fluid and a database for easy management of video and audio files. To view the features and characteristics of the Online Software Download 0098 , see below.

The main features of the program Help file creation HelpSmith:
- No need to code HTML: your guide files without any knowledge of coding or technical aspects of your product.
- Flexible personalization of content with the help of pre-designed maps, templates and powerful variable and compile your form.
- Quick to learn and use: a modern stripe interface, help files, sample projects, documentation, step by step process that will help you quickly become an infrastructure program and use it relax and unwind.
Other Features:
- Various output formats
- Advanced and comprehensive word processor
- Sample templates to customize the look of your user files
- Self-correction system for replacing the broken links in the help file
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