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DVD-Ranger is a professional and powerful software to copy and backup DVD movies on any device. This software can copy DVD movies on your experience in the field will evolve. To download the software and see more features of the site, download the 0098 visit.

Software Features DVD-Ranger:
- New! Applying technology to remove Cinavia.
- New! Smart Engine CinEx to remove the watermark from a Audio.
- Efficiency and high conversion speed of this software is very high in the media and powerful compression algorithms are carried out.
- Download YouTube videos and convert them to formats: DVD-Ranger allows you to download, convert and burn your videos to YouTube. So you can get all your favorite videos from Youtube Full HD Quality Download them to your favorite format for viewing on portable devices, to convert. Just copy the software to the YouTube URL and choose to download high quality rest is done by the software.
- Rip and convert Blu-ray disc Blu-ray movies to video copies mining run.
- Convert video formats: DVD-Ranger is one of the most powerful and most professional software to convert video file format in the world.
- Acceleration GPU: CUDA-capable graphics card to noticeably increase the speed of video encoding. A typical encoded HD video can take 6 hours using the software and the power of CUDA-capable graphics card, this time is reduced to 50 minutes.
- Convert DVD to run on portable devices like iPod, PSP, Zune, Nexus, Nintendo DS, Walkman, iPad and ...
- Create the best quality video with 480i or 480p DVD-quality HD video quality to 720p or 1080p.
- Batch processing tools for coding, and Convert.
- Construction, burn and backup format ISO.
- Supports all Dual Layer Drive, 2-layer Blu-ray open and ...
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