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BitTorrent software to download the Torrent and Torrent network is P2P file sharing protocol. The software method to send files and distribute large amounts of data without any reduction in costly server and bandwidth resources of design. In fact the data using the BitTorrent protocol on the dispatch to be sent to another recipient or recipients of the data supports the continued reduction in the cost and burden on any source will be exclusive. The protocol designed in 2001 by programmer Bram Cohen introduced and carried the name that is already supported by BitTorrent. To view the full description and download the software to more than 0098 Download part.
BitTorrent software features:
- Space, bandwidth management - download without disrupting other applications.
- Profile Status - the amount of health and a better control of multimedia files.
- No need to configure the hardware - faster download without any hassle.
Software capabilities BitTorrent:
- Low volume.
- Local peer discovery.
- Download multiple files simultaneously.
- Planning and configuring the bandwidth settings.
- Continue Srygh information being exchanged.
- Download RSS.
- Free.
And ...
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