Rocket Music Player v3.0 - a unique music player for Android

Rocket Music Player - موزیک پلیر بی نظیر آندروید
Rocket Music Player Advanced Music Player Free for Android phones that will allow easy user interface without any additional button details and a quick music to the phone pay.
One of the best music players available Vqdrtmndtryn Player software for smartphones Android , that some of its features are listed below:
- New widget 4 × 4 and 1 × 2
- Control Player asleep Mobile
- 5 band graphic equalizer
- Create and edit playlists
- Browse and play your music by albums, artists, songs, podcasts and playlists
- Edit music tag
- Ability to put different songs in different Kvlayzrhay
- Above all, it's free !
Can now refer to the following article, the professional version of the software with one click to download 0098 mobile get.
Rocket Music Player - Music Player is Unbeatable AndroidRocket Music Player - Music Player is Unbeatable Android
size File size: 8 MB
size OS: Android 2.1 and up
password File encryption:
homepage Source: Download 0098
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