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Nsasoft Hardware Software Inventory
Nsasoft Hardware Software Inventory software for reporting and providing a list of the computers connected to the network on which the system is software and hardware. The program for indexing and suitable for use in enterprises, offices and even household items are.This software saves costs and improve the management of the full report, which can provide a system to a remote system that other systems can Blackberry. This information is then transmitted to a central database and users, and users can report all systems connected to the network or a certain number of detailed reports to provide.

Facilities and Features:
- It does not need to control a person has the ability to operate automatically.
- They also need to install additional software on the system is not.
- Ability to output reports in multiple formats. Txt,. Xls,. Csv,. Html,. Xml formats, including plain text files, web, Microsoft Excel, and more.
size File Size: 2.67 MB
password File encryption: www.download0098.com
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