Crystal Office WinLock Professional 6.21-software download limit user access

Crystal Office WinLock Professional
WinLock Professional is a powerful security software that lets you restrict users' access to resources, settings and features that a computer. Pro Tools software is highly efficient for network administrators and PC.

Changes in the new version:
- Insert the password for the guest account in Windows.
- Compatibility with browsers version of Chrome 35 and Firefox 30.
- Compatibility with Windows 8.1
- The user interface has been redesigned.
- Mode LOCK.
- Countdown Timer.
- Support for desktop capture commands.
- Improvements in lock down Windows.
- Fix many bugs in the software.
And ...
Software features of WinLock Professional:
- Select a different restrictions separately to each user account. You can now protect a different theme for each user account can be purchased in a multi-user environment. For each user, WinLock Professional only exerts its limits. Even it is possible that all forms of WinLock Professional for a particular user are disabled.
- Restrictions on the Internet: WinLock Professional provides you the ability to filter content and rules of a group of Internet Explorer to control access to the Internet.
- Parental control and filtering web content: This version of the software will check not only the Internet address of the web pages to find banned words, scans. This way you can have access to inappropriate sites in schools and libraries limit. As a user, you can access to a website that you've set for yourself. This way, your kids just can not see this website.
- File encryption interior. You certainly have important information on your computer that you want to put a password on it. LockBox Wizard will help you using the Blowfish algorithm to encrypt your files. Thus, the files will not be opened without entering the correct password.
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