Talking tom cat for PC and Mobile

Talking Tom Cat thefunniest app for your Android Smartphone. Tomis your pet cat, feed him milk and he will respondsto touch and repeats youin a funny voice. You can pet him, poke him orgrab his tail . You can also interact with TalkingTom Cat through the touchscreen. Whatever you will say she will repeat it  in her Voice
you can run this in your pc using swf player which is freely available on internet.
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As Pinky & Perky and Alvin & The Chipmunks have so comprehensivelyproven over the years, high-pitched voices are amusing.
No matter what age group you happen to reside in, the irresistibly cute tone of these characters is sure to elicit a smile.
Talking Tom Cat on Android is a fairly basic application which seeks to cause the same degree of mirth by takinga recording of your voiceand applying that all-important high-pitched filter.
Using the app is easy. You merely talk into yourphone’s mic and Tom – the on-screen moggy - cups his ear to show that he’s listening.
When you’re finished he recites your mutterings inhis own adorable voice, even going as far as to mouth the words as he speaks.
You can record up to 30seconds of speech and even upload the results to YouTube for posterityor email them to a friend.
Superficial touches such as interaction with the touch screen are also present.
Tapping Tom repeatedly on the head will cause him to fall over as if he’s been punched, whilstrubbing his tummy will keep him contented, resulting in a purring sound. Other parts of hisbody are also interactive,such as his feet and tail.
You can also tap a glass at his feet to instigate an animated sequence where the receptacle is filled with fresh milk which Tom then gleefully consumes.
That’s all there really is to it, but to be honest Talking Tom Cat’s voice recording feature is enough to warrant a download on its own.
While Talking Tom Cat isa pretty juvenile application it has a tremendous amount of charm - just put this in the hands of a child andyou’ll see how magical it is.
It also has more amusinguses such as candidly recording people in conversation at work andthen playing back their speech – something thatis likely to cause plenty of chortling – not to mention aggravation - in offices up and down the country.
Talking Tom Cat is offered for free but is supported by adverts which do tend to sully the otherwise excellent presentation of the app.
It would also have been nice to see a few more voice types thrown in forgood measure; there are other voice-changing apps available for smartphones so it’s clearly possible.
However it’s hard to grumble when there’s so much fun on offer. Talking Tom Cat is a throwaway download which won’t enrich your professional life or make your day-to-day businessany easier.
However it will bring a smile to your face whenever you boot it up,and that has to count for something.

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