Download the software to run Windows on a Mac (simulator) Parallels Desktop v9.0.24237 Mac OSX

Parallels Desktop
With Parallels Desktop for Mac software you can use both Windows and Mac OS X operating system and software without having to reboot the computer they're together. So you can get the files between the two operating systems software with Drag & Drop to move. High performance software lets you run Windows software on a Mac gives all.'s More, you can view the features of this software download 0098 may receive.

Software Tools Parallels Desktop:
- Wizard for Przntyshn lets you view content from a Mac on an external monitor or projector to any type.
- Compatible with Mountain Lion is the latest version of Mac OS X operating system. The operating system software capabilities such as detecting finger gestures, Mission Control, the support for full-screen mode and fully supported.
- Click to open in Internet Explorer: now you can open pages in Safari with one click and easily view a partial page rendering is not correct, see the Internet Explorer browser.
- Ability to use computer tools for Dictation or talk with Mountain Lion operating system on Windows software.
- Multilingual Keyboard Sync: Change Language on Mac keyboard are synchronized automatically with Windows and makes it easy to change the language.
- Shared Bluetooth: Bluetooth devices now can be shared seamlessly between Windows and Mkyntaysh. Just like what you do in FaceTime HD Camera.
- Unique finger support Mac OS X.
- Full support for Windows 8.
- Parallels Desktop for Mac can be a very suitable environment for gaming, music and movies for you to implement. Support for 7.1 surround sound and ultra-fast 3D graphics rendering capabilities of other software.
- Higher performance, more battery life, enhanced security, more than 1 GB of video memory and ...
The new version features:
- New! To overcome this problem, the virtual machine OS X 10.9.3 and 10.9.4.
- New! To overcome the problem of losing network connection.
- New! Resolves a VM Driver in Ubuntu 14.04.
- Support for PowerNap
- Support and may connect directly to devices that use Thunderbolt and Firewire
- Enhance hard disk performance by 40% compared to the previous version
- VM shutdown faster (25% faster)
- Supports Mac OS 10.9 and Windows 8.1
And ....
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