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Avira Family Protection
Avira Family Protection security software for PC, Mac, Android devices and the children against the latest Internet threats. This powerful software that frequently deal with Mallory's award-winning software and it has over 100 million users to protect their PCs. A few Pltfrmh antivirus Avira Family Protection is the ability to work on multiple devices, such as your home PC with other devices in your home you can take care. Two products in one package, Avira Family Protection winning Best AntiVirus platform by adding a layer of parental control tools make it possible for users to be able to go to work when their children use computers constantly monitor the Internet environment have.
This software is the perfect choice for PCs with multiple users simultaneously. Avira Family Protection is designed to sit perfectly in a simple yet functional and user-friendly capabilities, this software can be, fast installation, auto update scans pre scheduled delete virus a Click etc.

Some software features:
- Advanced Security in Real-Time.
- Safety guide website.
- Improved network driver safety.
- Advanced secure web.
- Deal with ads and spyware software.
- Advanced combat Phishing.
- Compatibility with operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1.
And ...
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