Android applications run on Windows software and games BlueStacks App Player v0.8.12.3119

BlueStacks App Player software to run Android applications and games on Windows : These days, the market for mobile operating systems and tablets is very hot. So that each OS is trying to overtake another. The Android because its open source and a lot of models, is becoming more popular. You certainly are among those who might whim to test Android on your laptop or PC! Because Android only supports ARM processors, as it can not be the default operating system on x86 or x64 processors will run. So we can use the simulated environment so that it can use. However, earlier this Amkn provided by Google itself, but because of a problem with it, are working teams to BlueStacks BlueStacks App Player software has been developed Android applications to run on Windows easily. It should point to remember that it is only a trial version, which is currently the only version is provided free of charge. Continue reading to download the computer software from Download 0098 visit.
نرم افزار اجرای برنامه و بازی آندروید روی کامپیوتر
Android games and apps that you download from various sites are all apk file. Use this method to install the BlueStacks program:
Installing an Android files (with the extension apk.) Software BlueStacks:
One. Program to install. BlueStacks Gadget software to the desktop or the Start menu will appear.
Two. Right click on the file and choose Open With Android button.
Three. Click the Browse button to select the program.
4. Directory Program Files \ BlueStacks review and select HD-ApkHandler.
5. Click OK to file apk. Desired by BlueStacks run.
Now if you click on the BlueStacks Gadget you see the desired program in the Programs list BlueStacks added. Run it.
Direct access to the SDCard in software BlueStacks: (To copy files and Data)
- One in BlueStacks Android File Manager software to install.
- Files that you want to move in the direction of your Windows Mobile virtual copy:
C: \ Program Files \ BlueStacks \ UserData \ SharedFolder
- File management software to run on BlueStacks. You now have access to the file copy and move it to the SDCard.
Some software functionality BlueStacks:
- Ability to run Android software applications on Windows
- Run Android on a Windows PC Games
- Ability to transfer PC software on Android devices
- Possibility of full screen application or game
- Ability to run 3-D games
- Setting System Ndvryd
- Ability to Sync with Android devices to send text messages, take pictures, get in touch and ...
- Ability to install software and play unlimited number
And ...
size File Size: 139.51 MB
password File encryption:
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