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Emsisoft Internet Security Pack
Emsisoft Internet Security Pack software is one of the best internet security software is. This software help you manage your Internet and network security, the Internet can easily pay safely surf. This software is able to deal with all types of Malware and excellent security in this area to provide your computer. Other features of this powerful scanner is an email client that lets you fight against internet spammers these days there are numerous, gives up. This software monitors all active programs in background and blocks suspicious program malware and malicious activity stop them, and the system is purges. As you know, most security software to detect new malicious programs must constantly be updated, but very clever software Emsisoft Internet Security acts could Trojans, worms, viruses, no of new and unknown update can detect and clean! The software also has a powerful engine with high speed operation does.
Features software Emsisoft Internet Security Pack:
- New! The browser extension for Chrome and Firefox detect malware
- New! Support for the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome browser
- New! Improved indexing and identifying pollution
- Protection Against Malware and Virus from your system and ...
- A powerful scanner.
- Fast and easy compatibility with your network.
- The controls are very simple and easy.
- Web-based security foundation.
- E-mail Scanner Powerful Internet to combat spammers.
- Cookie of the block.
- The ability to separate the approved sites and malware sites.
- Scan and Spyware Internet to find and eliminate them.
- Protect your work with the browser.
- Protect against Keylogger Internet Yvzr your password.
- Compatibility with operating systems 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP 32 | 64-bit
And ...
size File Size: 242.59 MB
password File encryption:
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