[Tutorial] Boost Internet Speed Of Idea NetSetter And other NetSetter USB. (100% working).

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If you are using the Idea NetSetter USB internet then you might be getting the slow surfing and downloading speed with the same. When the idea netsetter is launched they are giving the enough speed which they offered during the purchase but after word as the number of the user increase the speed of idea netsetter become worse. This is due to the low bandwidth. Here i am making a useful tricks which will help you to boost the internet speed of the Idea NetSetter and give you the proper speed with the same. 

Boost Internet Speed:- 

To sort out the issue related to the Slow Internet Speed here i am giving you some tricks to play with the Internet Setting and increase the speed of the Idea Netsetter speed. I have seen most of the people are searching on Internet for Idea Netsetter speed boosting so i have made one and hope this will help them to resolve the issue. This method will help you to boose the speed with the Idea NetSetter and also this will work for other s also. So just go through the same and work with the issue. 

Download the Cablenut software.
 cablenut408.zip (806.75 KB, Downloads: 157) 

Now go to setting of Cablenut.
Default Receive Window = 17520
Default SendWindow = 8096
Disable Address Sharing = 1
Initial Large Buffer Count = 10
Initial Medium Buffer Count = 24
Initial Small Buffer Count = 32
Large Buffer Size = 4096
Max Fast Transmit = 6400
Medium Buffer Size = 1504
Priority Boost = 0
Small Buffer Size = 128
Transmit Worker = 32
Fast Send Data gram Threshold = 1024
Enable Fast Route Lookup = 1
Enable PMTU Discovery = 1
Ignore Push Bit On Receives = 0
Global Max Tcp Window Size = 8760
Max Free Tcbs = 2000
Max HashTableSize = 4096
Max Norm Look up Memory = 5000000
Sack Opts = 1
Syn Attack Protect = 1
Tcp1323Opts = 0
Tcp LogLevel = 1
Max Dup Acks = 2
Tcp Max Half Open = 100
Tcp MaxHalfOpenRetried = 80
Tcp Recv Segment Size = 1460
Tcp Send Segment Size = 1460
Tcp Timed Wait _Delay = 32
Tcp Useb RFC1122 Urgent_Pointer = 0
Tcp Window _Size = 8760
Maximum ConnectionsPer1_0 Server = 8
Maximum Connections Per Server = 4
Default TTL = 128
DisableUser TOS_ Setting = 0
Tcp Max Data _Retransmissions = 6
Default TOSValue = 91

Now next step is to download the Tcp Optimizer
 TCPOptimizer.zip (267.29 KB, Downloads: 80) 

And apply these setting in same 
Max MTU - 1500
MTU Discovery - Yes
Black Hole Detect - No
Selective ACKs - Yes
Max Dup ACKs - 2
Time to Live (TTL) - 128
TCP 1323 Options - Deselect both

Restart your computer to take effect changes that you have made and its done.

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