Copy Hidden FS And Copyrighted Contents To MMC!!!

At Last I've Decided To Post My Another Pre Historic Trick, This Trick Tells You A Way To Copying Hidden FS Contents To Your MMC.

  N.O.T.E : This Trick Is Only Tested On Nokia s40 Series Thanks To Mediastar9 crew For Locations.But It Should Work On Any Phone That Opens .html Files Because You Should Know Perfect Location Of a File To Copy/Download It.

So The Trick Is About How To Use HTML Page And Force Your Phone Browser To Download Files To Your MMC (Memory Card Or Your Phone Memory If Your Phone Doesnt Have Memory Card). Easy Trick......

So You Just Need A txt File, Edit The Text File With Any Editors You Have On Your Phone ( Mini Commander And Moby Explorer Are Recommended By Me ).

Now Create Theage Txt File As A Html P By Including html,head And Body TAGS. Now Enter Location After <body> Too Confused ? Want Example Here It Is...
My Example To Download A Copyrighted Theme Name Galaxy In 5130c XM To MMC Is :
  1. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
  2. "">
  3. <html>
  4. <head>
  5.    <title> Test </title>
  6. </head>
  7. <body>
  8.   <b>Location</b> : <a href="file:///C:/predefthemes/Arrows.nth">Arrows.nth</a
  9. > <hr><hr> <p> <b>N.O.T.E :</b> You Can Replace The Location With Your Desired Location You Just Need The Full Location Of File And It Will Start Download, Dont Worry It'll Not Use GPRS But Downloading .jad Files Only Will Require Internet.</p>

  10. </body>
  11. </html>
Copy the Code
So You See You Can Copy Mostly Anything, You Just Need Perfect File Location As Folders Cannot Be Downloaded.

For Those Who Are Surfing With Phone And Not Able To Copy The Code I Have Uploaded The Example Above In A Zip File.
Replace My Coded Location And Name With Yours And Enjoy.
This Trick Is Purely Discovered By Me.
Html example...
Share Your Views/Reviews/Comments Here Only After Trying The Trick.   

--By Arjun(Moderator)
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