Use Facebook without GPRS!!

Maybe you are already knowing this, but I have shared this for those who don't knew about it till now.

Facebook by Fonetwish

What is it?
Fonetwish is an USSD based interactive service which brings the power of internet to every mobile phone. Fonetwish provides access to facebook from any mobile phone without the requirement of any data(internet) connection. Just dial *325# from your mobile phone and get started, fonetwish provides all the major features of facebook like status update, wall post, friend requests, notifications along with the above fonetwish provides push notifications an innovative new feature by which your facebook notifications are pushed into your mobile handset automatically as and when they are generated. So, the next time when you want to update your status or post on a friends’ wall no need to worry about overpriced SMS’s or a Data Connection. Just dial *325# from your mobile phone and get started.

How does it work?
The greatest aspect of fonetwish is the simplicity with which a user can use it and the versatility with which fonetwish works on any mobile phone***. All a user needs to do is dial *325# from their mobile handset** and enter their facebook username and password, after which one can access all the features of Fonetwish. Provided below are the basic steps that one needs to follow to start fonetwish in his/her mobile phone. Fonetwish uses USSD to transfer information from and to your mobile handset which is a very cheap, secure and fast way of data transmission.

What all can I do with it?
Fonetwish brings the power of internet to every mobile phone. No data connections, no applications all you need to do is dial *325# from your mobile phone and you can access almost all the features on facebook which you normally do on your browser. The following are the features which fonetwish brings to you:
1. News Feeds: View, like and comment on posts by your friends
2. Notifications: Get notifications for only the most important feeds. No Spam!
3. Update Status: Keep people updated with your thoughts on the go.
4. Wall Posts: Search for friends and post on their walls, all from your Cell Phone!
5. Manage Friends: Accept or reject pending friend requests.
6. Chat: Chat with your Friends on Facebook without internet!
7. Birthday Reminder: Don’t miss Birthdays, Just Dial*325*76#

It is availiable on all major operators,

There is no Data or SMS charges, however you will be charged Rs.1/Day for using USSD.

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