Now send an SMS to track down a vehicle

Sharp rise in road accidents, and several other instances of hit-and-run accidents have prompted the RTO or the Road Transport Office to introduce a new more effective mode of service for the masses. To track down a vehicle during road mishaps and in an attempt to spread general public awareness, the RTO have introduced a new SMS system, using which users can track vehicles without much hassle. To get the necessary details, the consumer has to type VAHAN <space> <registration number without space> and send the SMS to 092123 57123.An SMS to your rescue On sending the SMS, customers can avail information on the following aspects, immediately:
The Number of Ownership sequence.
Owner name.
Make of the Vehicle.
Type of the vehicle.
Registration fitness validity.
The road tax validity However, it needs to be noted here that all the data that one can avail of from this SMS service only belong to vehicles registered ortransacted in an RTO after 2003. The service has been gaining a lot of popularity,for a while now. While it gives the most crucial details one would require in an event of an accident; it also wins because it involves a very commonly used feature - SMS. Users across Mumbai, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and even Meghalaya have been sharing a positive word about this service.
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