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Lot of people create online back up of their files by uploading files on the various free file sharing websites like Megaupload, Mediafire, 4Shared and many more. Megaupload was one of the leading file sharing website which is recently Shut Down by the FBI because this organization appeared to do copyright infringement.   

When you upload any file on a file sharing website due to popularity it also gets shared on other multiple file sharing websites. As the Megaupload is not working now and if you want to recover your file which you had uploaded on megaupload website then here is the steps. 

Note:- There is no guarantee that all your files can be recovered by this method.

To recover your file you should know either the exact file name and file size or the URL link of the file.
  • . If you know the exact URL link for your Megaupload file then search it in the Google . If you have the exact file name and file size then skip to third step.
  • . In most cases it will show the file description, file name and file size of your searched URL.
  • . Copy the file name and again search it in the Google.
  • . Browse search results and look your file on other file sharing websites. You might get error messages while browsing it. You can also use advanced operators for search in Google .

That’s it. As Megaupload is not working, beware of all fake Megaupload clones on the internet .
To create back up of your files online always prefer websites like MirrorCreator which uploads your files on multiple websites simultaneously.
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