Fonts used in Popular Websites

1. Google
google logo font
Google logo uses the Catull font, Catull font has has a calligraphic feel with contrasting stroke weights and distinctive serifs. It is an eye-catching choice for both text and display applications.
2. facebook
facebook logo font
FaceBook logo uses the customized version of Klavika font. Klavika is a flexible family of sans serifs used for editorial and identity design.
3. YouTube
youtube logo font
YouTube logo uses Aleternate Gothic font, Alternate Gothic font is a straight diagonal font, it contains a set of three condensed sanserifs fonts.
yahoo logo font
Yahoo logo uses its own custom designed font, Daniel Gauthier created the font similar to Yahoo's and made it available at DaFont.
wikpedia logo font
Wikipedia logo uses Hoefler Text font, Hoeflter Text is a contemporary serif Antiqua font and was first designed for Apple Computer to demonstrate advanced type technologies.
6. Blogger
blogger logo font
Blogger logo uses the FF Info Display font, FF Info Dispaly font was designed for the signage at Dusseldorf Airport.
7. Windows Live
windows live logo font
Windows Live logo uses the simple Arial font, a contemporary sans serif font. Nothing Designer or unique out here.
8. twitter
twitter logo font
Twitter logo uses the modified version of Pico Alphabet Font, Pico Alphabet can be downloaded and used without any license.
9. LinkedIn
linkedin logo font
LinkedIn logo uses Myriad Pro font, Myriad is a popular font for both text and display composition.
10. Amazon
amazon logo font
Amazon logo uses the ITC Officiana Sans font, ITC Officiana font was designed for office correspondence and business documentation.
11. WordPress
wordpress logo font
WordPress logo uses Mrs Eaves font, Mrs Eaves is a transitional serif font named after Sarah Eaves.
12. eBay
ebay logo font
eBay logo uses Adobe Univers font, Univers font is similar to contemporary and Helvetica fonts.
13. Bing
bing logo font
Bing logo uses combination of ITC Bauhaus and ITC Kabel fonts.


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