Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Recycle Mobile Phones

Technology is a growing worm! it never ends until human race ends. Each day a new thing is invented or created, when it comes to mobile phones every year many upgraded mobile phones comes into market and the outdated phones goes into trash.
In America each one alone averaging a new mobile phone purchase or getting new free cell phones at least once in anytwo-year (or less) period of time.
Reports said that every year 85% of the mobile phones are thrown in Trash!!
1) Cell phones are potentially hazardous waste because they contain lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. If thrown in the trash and sent to landfills,environmental contamination can occur from combustion and leaching into soil and groundwater. But when it is recycled , the metals can be put back into circulation, decreasing the need for new metal mining.
2) Some mobile phones also contain a number of materials that can be beneficial to preserve. These materials can include gold, silver, copper, palladium, and a variety of plastics, all ofwhich are valuable materials. Again, throwing your old mobile phones away will lose these materials and require theconsumption of more of them in the future, rather than allowing them to be re-used through recycling.
3) You may not known this but most mobile recycling services actually do a lot more than simply extracting the useful rare earth elements and often re-use functioning, but merely outdated,reducing the need for additional production of newer products
4) Many (myself included) advice to recycle old mobile phones because it helps in obtaining some metals, helps earth by contaminating and also other purposes.
5) By selling them in return you get cash!! and proudness to be an Earth protector.
How your mobile phone getsRecycled??
Most phones will be refurbished and re-sold this is the least carbon-intensiveand inexpensive way to recycle phones.If the phone is too old or damaged it can be dismantled and the rare earth metals used in its construction recycled, re-smelted and re-used

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