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GridinSoft Trojan Killer
GridinSoft Trojan Killer application daily, a large number of computer systems due to being infected by some sites on the Internet, viruses and malware are a new home and start to damage the system. GridinSoft Trojan Killer name of the software powerful Any entry that is like a Trojan and a desire to Jylvgyry system and all malware present on the system to be cleaned up and removed. Security system security software like firewalls work and data entry of pollutants, SPYWARE and prevents malware Habh. Another feature of this software can support different browsers, preventing malware software, the protection of the system and pointed. Thissoftware , along with other feature you can get in a Read more here.
Some features of this software :
Moment to scan the system files and drivers
Having a powerful security wall of windows firewall
Supports different Internet browser
Automatically check the system settings and browser for manipulating security
Quick search for high power
Rapid identification of the types of malware and viruses
Easy Update and Free Software
Supports various versions of Windows, including Windows 7 and Windows 8 and ...
size File Size: 44.90 MB
password File encryption:
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