[Share] Ice Cream Sandwich roll out started for Xperia ray neo v and arc s

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The Ice Cream Sandwich software update for 2011 Xperia™ Smartphone’s is now being rolled out. As previous stated it will begin with Xperia™ Arc S, Xperia™ Ray and Xperia™ Neo V. The update will released in batches, and the table below lists all the currently released ICS software’s. Since there are minor differences in the software depending on product, country and operator it have a unique identifier that call Sales Item (SI). The SI is identified by an 8-digit numbers in the format yyyy-yyyy To find out what SI number your phone has, please take off the back-cover and take out the battery. Under the battery you. will find your SI number. Once you have found it, go to below tables and search for your SI number.


If you find your SI in the released software table the software for your device is released and available in PC Companion and Bridge for Mac where you can update your Xperia™ Smartphone.

i will continue to add items in the list as soon as they are released.
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