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Offline Explorer Enterprise - a very powerful program that allows you to download as individual files or entire Web sites (HTTP, FTP and HTTPS) to your hard disk for subsequent off-line browsing on a separate computer, and users of local network - the program is built internal HTTP-server.

• Very fast, easy and secure return of the files in the Web (including FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, PNM and RTSP-sites).
• Support for HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 and User @ Site Proxy. Automatically detect proxy settings. Defining proxy settings from the configuration URL.
• Load up to 500 files simultaneously. Each project is loaded in parallel with others. You can configure the number of connections to download each project and the pauses between downloads of the Project.
• Possibility to limit re-qualify for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and RTSP downloads.
• Downloaded web-sites can be viewed using your external browser or with the built-in browser. (Note: This option requires MSIE 3.02 and above. Built-in browser supports unlimited number of tabs for simultaneous viewing of web-pages.
• Downloaded web-pages can be printed from the built-in browser. Is also possible to print in full the whole site.
• Downloaded web-pages can be published on the Web or exported to another directory.
• Built-in editor with syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS and javascript-files.
• The optional random delay between downloading files to simulate read man pages.
• Since Offline Explorer uses a modified options relative, downloaded files can be easily moved.
• Supports Drag-and-Drop (drag) links from your browser.
• Tracking contents of the Clipboard for manual or automatic creation of new projects.
• Fully configurable user interface (including toolbar) with a convenient wizard to create a new project
• Ability to perform background downloads.
• Providing support and extract links from Java and VB Scripts, Java Classes, Cascading Style Sheets (. CSS), Macromedia Flash (. SWF), XML / XSL / DTD, Table Of Contents (. TOC), MPEG 3 Play List (. M3U), Authorware (. AAM), Acrobat (. PDF), RealMedia (. SMIL,. RAM,. RPM), VRML (. WRL,. WRZ), QuickTime-Video (. MOV), WAP-pages and MS NetShow Channel (. NSC) files.
• Processing javascript to search for more options.
• The only offline browser that fully supports all known XML-technologies, including XSL and DTD files.
• Support the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer cookies at startup.
• Multiple Project Templates make new Project creation simple.
• Downloaded sites easily exported to another location in the right format or added to a ZIP, MHT or HTML Help (. CHM) file (version Pro and Enterprise).
• Built-in Backup / Recovery Projects.
• Search the downloaded files for keywords in filenames or in the text of HTML. Searched keywords highlighted in the list of search results and found web-pages while viewing them.
• Operations on multiple projects quickly executed in the project tree.
• Built-in dial-up with the ability to disable the connection and automatically shutdown computer after download.
• Flexible URL Filters with powerful keyword support to fine tune your downloads.
• Manage download speed.
• Downloads can be scheduled, the queue or run from the command line

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