How to change IP address Instantly

There are many situation in which we need to change our change IP address Instantly and very fast.Most off time we disconnect and restart the modem to connect to internet with our new changed IP address .There is a method by which you can change you IP address Instantly without restarting your modem

Now copy the following code and save as changeip.bat or anyname.bat

"Echo ipconfig/flushdns
echo ipconfig/release
echo ipconfig/renew

This is nothing but a simple batch flie which contain series of command to change the IP address of computer. Whenever you want to change your Ip address then just double-click on the batch file and your are done.
This simple trick can be use in..

=>Downloading file from rapidshare.Just download a file then change your ip address and download other files without increase in time limit.

=>Downloading file from mediafire , easyshare et
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