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Paragon Backup and Recovery following a powerful software for backup (backup) of your Windows hard drive and important information. Using sophisticated software can recover your entire system to perform well. Paragon Backup & Recovery Home of modern technologies such as the new generation of Paragon Adaptive Restore tool uses. These software drives up to 2TB capacity, inPE 3.0 based recovery environment, and advanced backup optimized file-level support that. company in its efforts to provide products for Paragon Backup and Recovery, immunization coverage against all problems and incidents is presented to users. Paragon Backup and Recovery can speed up your files and folders, operating system or even your entire hard disks and any other storage to backup.

Changes in new version of software:
- Support for Windows 8.1.
- Support for Oracle VirtualBox.
- Incremental backup support by VD Wizard.
- Support for EFI to recover P2V.
- Integration of nodal pVHD.
- Supports uEFI.
- New interface.
And ...
Features Paragon Backup and Recovery:
- Full backup of the entire hard drive and Windows by Paragon Backup and Recovery can include an exact copy of your computer's operating system, applications, user settings and other information, are available.
- Prepare a differential backup: This method detects only information that has changed from the previous version and adds backup.
- Scheduled backup: By this feature you can set certain times to provide back up.
- Backup servers, FTP: This new feature provides complete security for your data and systems
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