Download Rohos Logon Key 3.1 - Windows Lock software created by USB

Rohos Logon Key
Rohos Logon Key the appropriate application security and restrict access to Windows via the USB. The software is designed so that you can get the username and password information on a USB flash drive for storage and later getting into your computer environments, the key to use. In fact, no one can enter without the USB to your computer and the USB hardware will play a key role!

Useful Features of Software:
- Alternative to the Windows login password.
- Use long passwords without having to remember them.
- Fast and automatic logon via USB.
- No need to enter your password each time you log on.
- Ability to automatically lock when removing the flash memory of the computer operating system and perform other operations such as Hibernation, Logoff or run Askrynsyvr
- Two static methods: via keypad and pin code.
- Use a password to logon to a computer for home, office, laptop, etc.
- Restricting access to your computer via USB.
- Protect the computer even in Safe Mode.
- Compatible with most operating systems, especially Vydnvz 8.
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size File Size: 5.53 MB
password File encryption:
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