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Axence NetTools
Axence NetTools is software enabled users to monitor website usage, network performance, as well as a quick debugging network problems. This software has four tool NetWatch, WinTools, NetStat, Local info for network monitoring, system information display and input output connections and LAN configuration information is displayed. This software is installed and running on different versions of Windows. It went on to describe how the tools mentioned:

- NetWatch: a tool to monitor the availability and response time of several Host them. You Chnydn site software to enter them into the software regularly to check availability and response time in case of problems, the issue via email, SMS and ... to tell you. This software provide a complete table of response times as well as a host of packages for you to view and may be missed.
- WinTools: lists exhaustive system information, such as running processes and services, registry, event listings, disk, memory and CPU information, and many others will be available.
- NetStat: displays all input output connections to PC and is a complete list of open ports. It is also possible to open the ports and communication tools to provide an application.
- Local info: A tool to view information about network configuration and the field is displayed in a tabular format. This information includes: the network TCP / UDP, and ICMP, IP address table, ARP, IP routing table and network adapter.
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