Download Torrents at Premium speed( alternative)

Hi friends,

Now you would be sick downloading the torrents using those stupid torrent clients like bittoorent,utorrent,bitcomet bla bla bla....with normal speeds.

Now i am reveling the trick with which you can store 100gb of torrent data online as well download them any time at premium speed gr8ter than normal speeds of 150kbps.
So heres it
By followins steps you can get premium access which includes 100gb storage+High speed download(Just for 5 days)

You can repeat steps to get more premium access,

Follow the below steps.

1. Click here will navigate you to
2.Click on "Sign up for Free".
3.Secret: In email box you can enter any disposable email service which will receive verification email.
4.Enter any password you feel comvenient.
5.Click on signup.
6.Now open your disposable email tab/window.
7.Refresh your Tab/window to see the verification email.
8.Now open the email "Bytebx Email verification".
9.Now there is your premium account.

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