MJBook Maker (mobile)(java)

The MJBook Maker is actually a Windows program that can convert a .doc, .pdf, .txt file into a .jar file. On this program, you could specify the details of your e-book such as the title, information of the e-book, the author, etc. There are also the settings that you can change for your convenience such as the phone screen size, the font face and size of the document, the background color, the font spacing and more.
After you have specified the settings for your e-book, the program takes over and converts the document you selected into midlets.
The E-book Reader
The created midlets already contain both the converted document and the e-book reader. You can now send or install them into any Java enabled phone. This is a good feature because you can share your created e-book withanyone even if they don’t have an e-book reader.
The reader has all the basic features that all e-book readers should have. Features such as the auto-scroll option, the save/load bookmark, the backlight settings and the search feature. You could even change the background color of your document and the line spacing between letters. The information that you have created using the MJBook Maker such as the title, the information, and the author can also be viewed using the program.

mjbookmaker__true_version_.zip (384.08 KB, Downloads: 188)


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