[PC Tools] Use pendrive as RAM

Use Your Pen Drive As RAM Now a days, we can use our own pendrives as RAMs just to boost up boot speed and also operational system speed.Its not only possible for those who have vista 0S.It also works well for Windows 2000 & Windows XP users. All you need is a pendrive of minimum 1GB,i will recommend that of a 4GB
Follow the steps:
1)Inject your pendrive in the usb port of the computer
2)Now as usual let ur pc do its own work for detecting it
3)Now you gota act smart. ."here goes the real thing"
4)Right click on My Computer>Properties
5)Advanced>Performance Settings
7)Select the pen drive
8)Click on custom drive "Check the value of space available"
9)Enter the name in the initial and max columns You just used the space of your pendrive as a Virtual Memory Now Restart. . . . . . . . . ...Now check the general start up time and also speed up your system so that you can have a high speed system at low cost Enjoy!
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