Free Skype Credits

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The method is really short and simple, if you’re using Skype, it is the greatest ebook for you.

● I think it doesn’t work for specific countries, use a proxy. (US works!)
● You must have atleast 15 friends (in facebook) or even more to have this working.

There’s a facebook app that gives you 60 minutes skype credits. Use the link below:

Click ‘Go to App’, get your coupon code and click this link:

Enter your coupon code inside the box.
Go to Skype, confirm that you have got your credits and you’re done!
If you like prank’ing people and your minutes are over, you can simply repeat these actions
above using another facebook accounts.

And if you don’t like doing that ^^, you can call FOR FREE to landline phones!
It was always working in skype, no need for credits, FREE.

Just search for a company through Google, look for their number, if it starts with +1800 means it
is toll-free you’re able to call it through skype for free!
Or you can just search “landline numbers”...

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